GITI is the first master’s program of its kind offered by a national university in Taiwan. It envisions advancing research in translation and interpretation, training translators and interpreters, and contributing to the translation of Chinese classics and local masterpieces. Our Ph.D. program is still the only one of its kind in Taiwan.
Our faculty members include scholars and experts from different disciplines and professions, offering a wide spectrum of interdisciplinary training and research methodologies. To prepare GITI graduates for both academic research/teaching and business practice, our curriculum places equal emphasis on theory and skill acquisition. GITI enjoys not only the support of the faculty of NTNU but also the feedback of the job market.
Each year, GITI admits 12 full-time students in translation and interpretation and 8 in conference interpretation for the master’s program, and 5 students for Ph.D. program. Students must complete at least 38 course credits for the master’s program or 30 course credits for the Ph. D. program, as well as a master´s /doctoral thesis to fulfill degree requirements. With great freedom to choose from a wide variety of courses, all students must specialize in translating texts in two of the following four areas: science and technology; law and politics; economy and commerce; and literature. GITI graduates from our master’s program are expected to be bi-lingual, bi-cultural translators and interpreters, while Ph. D. program graduates will become competent college teachers of translation and interpretation, as well as promising researchers in the field."