Cultural & Creative Industries Center, National Taiwan Normal University (CCIC, NTNU), held the opening ceremony on March 25, 2008, and officially declared that as the education leader, National Taiwan Normal University, which nurtures middle-school teachers as its major teaching goal, while facing social changes, time pulse, and global economic development trends, is positively transforming to develop “culture creativity” and “added art value” as the core ideas, and positions in the development goal of “Culture Navigation- Creative Life- Aesthetic Economy”, to develop and train talents for the Taiwan academic research and industrial development.

CCIC has undertaken many “Cultural and creative industries” studies, design services, activity promotion and industrial development, industry and academic cooperation programs and projects for Council for Cultural Affairs, Ministry of Education in Taiwan and some civil enterprises, etc., since the conception of the center. It is able to provide the school relevant department teachers and students with teaching, research and practical experience operating opportunities, and establish an industry and academic cooperation platform that has practical development value and will show an aesthetic economy.