"The Digital Archive Center for Music (DACM) was established in September 2004. The principle objective was to aid the NTNU College of Music in making a record of important events and activities and digitizing its historical archives. Prof. Chun-Zen Huang is responsible for all planning at the Center. Among all of the music departments and colleges in Taiwan, this is the first institution in Taiwan to develop a digital archive for music, making it an entirely new challenge and a first attempt on our part.

In order to increase international visibility and accelerate scholarly exchanges, the Digital Archive actively participates in conferences and workshops both at home and abroad. We are the member of Archives and Documentation Centers of the International Association of Music Libraries (IAML) and International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives (IASA); and we invited Dr. Dietrich Schüller, pre-director of the Phonogrammarchiv in Vienna, to host the Multimedia Workshop; invited Prof. Alan Burdette, the director of the Archives of Traditional Music at Indiana University, invited the Dr. Nora Yeh, the archivist of the American Folklife Center at Library of Congress, to make workshops for us from 2011 until now.

DACM now has advanced and professional visual-audio recording equipment and post-production editing systems, the ability to make live concert recordings on multi-computer engineering systems, a shared multimedia server as well as a computer lab with an independent server. Our personnel currently includes graduate students with various majors and from various institutes in the College of Music at NTNU and we possess all of digital archiving technology which is necessary for music and have the ability to record, engineer and edit short films, teaching films, audio-visual productions and make high-quality sound and video recordings of live concerts. The Center has already completed fifteen main projects, including with National Digital Archive Programs of National Science Council, Taiwan Music Institute and other industries."