Purpose of the Center
The purpose of the Center is to guide the construction of the mathematics education and optimize its quality in Taiwan. It is going to integrate human and material resources, to create a mathematical learning environment that is easy to learn, and to implement the promotion of mathematics education at all levels and in all directions.
The Center’s mission is to establish a highly reputable mathematics education site that is connected to the international community.

Center Development Philosophy
The first stage of development of the Center is to solve the mathematical learning problems of elementary and middle school students in Taiwan: “low interest, low self-confidence, low test-taking”.

The Center’s philosophy of work
1. Mathematics learning must provide students with opportunities to learn at all times.
2. Mathematics must be taught in a way that fully integrates emotion into the development of meaningful understanding and literacy.
3. Utilize the design concept of mathematics education engineering, research and development to provide teachers and students with specific learning resources
4. Teachers are the main protagonists in all aspects of the mathematics education project.