Science Education Center
The Science Education Center at National Taiwan Normal University has long been known its contribution in research and development in science education. The Science Education Center was established in 1974. Dr. Chun-Yen Chang, a Research Chair Professor of NTNU adjunct professor of Graduate Institute of Science Education & Department of Earth Sciences, is current director of the center since August 2006. As the major wisdom tank of the Ministry of Education of the central government of Taiwan, the Science Education Center accommodates experienced researcher of science and of science education, mainly coming from the College of Sciences at the National Taiwan Normal University, who give advice of planning and strategy for the Ministry of Education and carry out research projects funded by the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan. The main goals and tasks for the center are in the following:
1. Conduct variety of researches that lead to improvement of mathematics and science teaching and learning.
2. The development and dissemination of high school mathematics and science instructional materials, teaching aids, and evaluation materials and methods.
3. Conduct international symposia, workshop, and conferences on topics of mathematics and science education.
4. Conduct workshops or activities for mathematics and science teachers, which provide opportunities for innovation of teaching and learning.
5. Collecting and exhibiting international mathematics and science education materials.
6. Publish Science Education Monthly Journal, report of research projects, instructional materials, and curriculum materials.
7. Conduct projects for high school mathematics and science gifted students.
8. Participated the study of the International Association for the Evaluation of Education Achievement (IEA).
9. Conducting mathematic and scientific workshops for high school students.
10. Establish a science education network.
11. Associated with Department of Ministry Education in disseminating science education."