The Center for Educational Research and Innovation (CERI), inaugurated in February, 2009, was founded through the consolidation of NTNU’s Center for Educational Research established in 1990 and Center for Research on Educational Evaluation and Development established in 2006. Being one of the six university-level R&D centers at NTNU, CERI is committed to promoting educational improvement and to facilitating quality learning through quality research and evaluation.

Our vision is to promote educational improvement and to facilitate quality learning thorough quality educational research and collaborative network. CERI endeavors to pursue following objectives:
1. Develop innovative theories, methods and tools for educational research and evaluation in order to elevate the quality of educational research.
2. Promote ideals and results of educational research and evaluation so as to improve the effectiveness of education policies and practices.
3. Conduct surveys and develop databases at all educational levels and serve as the think-tank for education policies and practices.
4. Cultivate scholars in the field of educational research and evaluation.

CERI has built up substantial research capacity that is of great value to the development of domestic education. In an effort to increase effectiveness and efficiency, CERE aims to facilitate the synergies and linkages between research and practice.
1. Educational Survey & Database
2. Education for Disadvantaged Students
3. Educational Evaluation
4. School Improvement