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Environment Education Institute Speech: Reconsider Climate Change Education Problem

Environment Education Institute invited the dean of the Cultural and Education Institute from the University of London Chris Husbands and the public office manager of Microsoft Larry Nelson to Kung-kuan district to give a speech, shared about the reconsideration of climate change and how to build a green campus

General Manager of IBM Tseng Chiang-hua Trained the Future Leader

NTNU Manage Institute invited the general manager of IBM Tseng Chiang-hua to share about how to train the future leader. Manager Tseng indicated that the leader should discover the self-special characteristic, formed the active attitude. She also talked about the leader should have the leadership to decide things.

Principal Chang Kuo-en Attended Taiwan Macao Education Forum

Principal Chang Kuo-en, dean of the social science institute Lin Tung-tai, East Asian culture director Tsai Chang-yen, and the dean of political institute Fan Shih-ping visited Macao from April 23rd to 25th.

Professor Shih Ping-hsi Donated His Painting to NTNU

The art department professor Shih Ping-hsi donated two of his painting “Door” and “NTNU Confucius Statue” from his own exhibition “Teacher Shih’s Oil Painting Lesson: NTNU Campus” on April 28th.

Campus Reporter Orientation Leads You to Enter the News Media World

Do you want to become a reporter, an anchorperson, or an editor? NTNU office of university relations now offered students a special opportunity. The campus reporter orientation was held on April 28th in Cheng203 and was going to recruit students including freshman, sophomore, and the first grade of master.