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Mandarin Training Center and Besta Collaborate to Found Mandarin Teaching Digitizing

NTNU Mandarin Training Center owned 1700 students from 72 different countries and had 50 years experience of teaching.

The Whole New Pu 201 English Self Learning Center for the Students and Teachers

The English self-learning center started Pu 201 classroom this semester. Broke the limit that only provided to the freshmen, the service target was from sophomore to teachers.

Tohoku University Paid Visit to NTNU for the Culture and Education Feast

The education academy of Japan Tohoku University paid a visit to NTNU on 18th to observe and emulate. Besides attending the academic forum in pedagogical academy and also visited the library and Chinese center.

Professor Liu Pi-jung Speaking Expression Lecture the Scene is Full House.

In order to help the students improved their speaking expression ability, the education development center invited Professor Liu from SCU to give a speech. Professor Liu had given speech on many television and radio.

NTNU Dominates National Female Super Softball Final Champion

NTNU defeated the NTCPE as 1:0 and won the championship this morning. The pitcher Chiu An-ju was honored the MVP and the head couch, Lin Te-lung received the best couch award.