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Happy 80th Birthday Concert for Professor Li Shu-De

With drizzling rain, gentle sounds of the piano were flowing out from the NTNU auditorium. A concert celebrating Professor Li Shu-De’s 80th Birthday was held the night of October 23rd. Professor Li was an outstanding NTNU alumnus that was dubbed “the mother of violin in Taiwan”.

2009 International Culture Day Takes Place on Linkou Campus

The once a year International Culture Day took place on Linkou Campus on October 25th. On site, there were delicacies and traditional food from several countries.

Professor Zhang Guo-En Elected as the 13th President of NTNU

The result for the presidential election of NTNU came out on October 23rd. After careful consideration of the 21 selection committee, Professor Zhang Guo-En, currently a professor at the Graduate Institute of Informational Education as well as the vice-president of NTNU, was chosen to be the 13th president of NTNU.

I Love Taiwan – Mandarin Speech Contest for International Students

Hosted by the Mandarin Teaching Centre, a Mandarin Speech Contest for International Students took place on October 23rd at the lecture hall in the Bo-Ai Building.

New Online Teaching Platform Launched: Moodle

In the new semester, NTNU installed a new online teaching system, and moves from BlackBoard to Moodle. The Centre of Information foresees the difficulties students might encounter with the new system, and published teaching manuals and FAQ along with the launching of Moodle.