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Performances of NTNU Track and Field Team Perform Proves A Successful Athlete-Cultivation Model

NTNU’s track and field team often give excellent performances at domestic and international competitions, including this year’s National Intercollegiate Athletic Game and National Games. It even held a proud record of sending 12 athletes and bringing back 11 gold medals in 2005.

A Geographic Symposium as a Farewell to Retiring Professor Wu Xin-Zheng

To send of Professor Wu Xin-Zheng who was going to reach his retiring age, the Department of Geography held the 13th Symposium on Geography on November 7th.

A Workshop for Employers in Cultural and Creative Industry

2 workshops would be held by the Office of Public Relation, NTNU on November 7th and 21st for employers in the cultural and creative industry.

The Largest International Symposium Held 10 Years After the Discovery of Tiansheng Decree

Hosted by the Department of History, NTNU, the Chinese Legal Studies Association, and the Tang Dynasty Laws Studies Association, a international symposium on Tiansheng Decree of the Northern Sung Dynasty was held on November 6th and 7th at the Conference Hall in the Union Building,

63rd NTNU Sports Day Emphasizes on Technology, Inheritance and Promotion

With an emphasis on technology, inheritance and promotion, the 63rd NTNU Sports Day will be held on November 20th on the Kungkuan Campus for the renovation of the sports field on the Main Campus will not be completed until next January.