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Principle of the University of Houston Visits NTNU

Renu Khator, Principle of the University of Houston, and Suresh Khator, wife of Renu Khator, came to visit NTNU on July 20th. Principle Guo Yih-Shun received the academic friends from afar and exchanged gifts, hoping that together they can raise the academic standards.

Principle of Peking University and High Ranking Chiefs Visit NTNU

Zho Qi-Fong, principle of Peking University, led 8 high ranking chiefs of PU to visit NTNU on July 13th. NTNU Principle Guo Yih-Shun warmly received the guests with a luncheon, in which Guo gave Zho an introduction of NTNU’s creative industry and both universities exchanged opinions on the possible future academic cooperation.

Holography Artist Setsuko Ishii donated works to NTNU

On June 23rd, noted Japanese holography artist, Setsuko Ishii, donated his work entitled Scenes of Grasslands to NTNU. President Guo Yih-Shun represented the whole school and accepted the gift from Ishii. The work will be displayed on the first floor of the Complex Building, Kungkuan Campus. Doctor Ishii has been devoted to the world of holography for over 30 years, and has had exhibitions in Europe, Asia and the States. Holography is a method of producing a three-dimensional image of an object. Doctor Ishii applied the technique in her works and has published many holography studies in international periodicals and seminars.

Photography Exhibition at the French Training Center

Mister Jean Scuderi, a language teacher at the French Training Center, had spent a year in Marseilles, a city in the south of France. He was a fine art major, and photography has been his favourite form of art for more then a dozen years.

Li Jia-Tong Urged Graduates to Make Positive Contribution to the Society

Li Jia-Tong, a presidential advisor as well as a noted scholar and writer, participated at the graduation ceremony of NTNU. In his speech entitled The Last Class in University, he stressed that the most important thing for a person is to make positive contribution to the society, and whether that person is wealthy and powerful or not is not the point. However, wealth and power is not necessarily evil. He urged the 3620 NTNU graduates to work hard and increase their competitiveness for they can help the less fortunate only when they have the financial resource.