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NTNU and PKU Agree on Forming a Research and Execution Group for Landscape Maintenance and Restoration

As Typhoon Morak damaged southern Taiwan and caused a disaster with huge flood, the issue of landscape maintenance has come into the spotlight again.

Students Volunteer Entered Damaged Areas from the 88 Flood

The first group of NTNU student volunteers set of on August 18th to Xinxing Junior High School in Kaohsiung City to help rebuild this campus damaged by the typhoon and the flood.

NTNU Set Up a Working Group for Victims of 88 Flood

In order to help the typhoon-stricken areas to reestablish their campus, NTNU Vice President Chen Chiung-Hua, under the instruction given by President Guo Yih-Shun, set up a working group to support the victims of 88 Flood.

NTNU Holds One Day Salary Donation for the Taiwan 88 Flood

Seeing the serious damages caused by Typhoon Morakot in southern Taiwan, NTNU Principle Kuo Yih-Shun urged that all faculty and alumni to donate a day’s salary to help the people in stricken areas. The total sum of money collected will be commissioned to governmental agencies or non-profit organizations to donate to areas in need.

NTNU Principle Interviewed by United Daily News

NTNU is known as the cradle of teachers for middle schools in Taiwan, as well as a university that advances in the realms of humanity and arts. When Zhou Qi-Feng, principle of Peking University visited Taiwan’s academic circle a few days ago, his first stop was NTNU. Led by physics-major Principle Guo Yih-Shun, NTNU became the only normal university in Taiwan that entered the World University Rank 2008.