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Success in Teaching Excellence Project

After the amendment of Teacher Education Law in 1994, teacher education is no longer exclusive to normal universities. In order to stand out, NTNU started a Teaching Excellence Project in 1998 to train more professional teachers. A presentation was held on April 1st to show the achievements of the project. Chang Zi-Chao, the 1st keynote speaker, talked about Regional Centres of Expertise promoted by the United Nations, saying that though it was hard for Taiwan to establish a RCE, we were vigorously involved in achieving education for sustainable development. There will be another presentations on the 8th with more keynote speeches.

Presentation of the Communication Workshop

A film festival was held on the 1st of April in the assembly hall on the main campus of NTNU, showing environmental protection themed short films shot by the students of the Communication Workshop. The five groups of students spent 6 months on the project, documenting animals in Fushan Zoo. This workshop is one of NTNU’s efforts in establishing courses to train cross-disciplinary talents, said Vice President Chang, who applauded the devotion of involved professionals and students with backgrounds ranging from history, Chinese literature, life science to graphic arts and communications.

Neurologist Hong Lan Lectured on Brain Functions and Learning Strategies

On March 31st, the first session of the Learn to Grow series, the Center of Teaching and Learning Development invited Hong Lan, Director of the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, National Central University to talk about brain functions and learning strategies for college students. She reminded NTNU students that morning is the prime time for mind activities while the evening low, and that students who were used to stay up should value sleep more. Another key point to the brain was to “use it, or lose it”. Extensive reading of all kinds of knowledge would benefit students greatly.

Alumni Gave Tips to Ride Out Economic Crisis

How should graduates cope with the aftershock of the economic crisis? Xu Sheng-Xong, alumni of the Department of Chinese also the president of Kinpo Group, returned to his alma mater and explained to current students the concept of “squatting before jumping”, i.e. to actively go for internship and part-time jobs while waiting for opportunities. Personality building was vital besides developing professional skills, he stressed. He also pointed out fundamental issues in the economy for the government to reflect and improve on, one of which was to establish a foundation to support students in receiving school education.