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NTNU Swim Team Pledged to Win NIAG

2009 NIAG (National intercollegiate Athletic Game) was impending. NTNU swim team were in a good shape, confident in continuing the history of winning the most gold medals. Some of NTNU’s good swimmers graduated and entered into post-graduate programme, making training more difficult than before, said the Coach Zhang Chuan-Ling.

2009 NIAG Spokesmen Announced

National Intercollegiate Athletic Game (NIAG) is the yearly grand occasion in Taiwan’s sporting world. This year, the game will begin on the 2nd of May in NTNU. Organizer, NTNU,

Forum: Reading Phenomena of Popular Science

Why are Taiwanese readers indifferent to popular science publications? NTNU Library held a forum to discuss the phenomena with NTNU professors including Hong Wan-Sheng from the Department of Mathematics, Library Director Chen Zhao-Zhen, etc.

Go Meatless on 422 World Earth Day to Save the Earth

A day’s vegetarian diet can eliminate 7 kilograms’ carbon dioxide emission. In resonance to World Earth Dy, Office of Student Affairs, NTNU launched a special service of booking vegetarian lunchbox for students and faculties.

Final of Linkou Campus Singing Competition

The final of Linkou Campus Singing Competition 2009 was held in the auditorium on the 22nd of April. Highly anticipated contestant Lin Lei successfully turned the audience crazy with his number and won the champion of this fierce competition.