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The 3 Ss of Language Evolution – Speech by Academician Ceng Zhi-Lang

To commemorate the quarter-centenary of Galileo’s first astronomical observation, as well as the bicentenary of Darwin’s birthday and the sesquicentennial of his writing The Origin of Species, NTNU library of Gongguan Campus invited Ceng Zhi-Lang from Academia Sinia to give a lecture on the three Ss of language evolution. Taiwan’s research on Mandarin and brain activity is among the best in the world, Ceng said, and they even received a research grand from the United States. NTNU also has professors and students conducting relative researches. We shall be looking forward to their future result.

First-class directors of Taipei Medical University visited NTNU

Taipei Medical University principal Chiou Wen-da led his team to National Taiwan Normal University. First-class directors discussed the further cooperation between two schools.

Opening of NTNU De-Qun Art Gallery

On March 25th, De-Qun Art Gallery had its official opening. NTNU Principle Gou Yih-shun, along with many deans and directors of graduate institutes, attended the opening to witness this historical moment. The gallery was named after and in commemoration of Zhu De-Qun, a Taiwanese French artist who had taught in NTNU from 1951 to 1955. He was one of the few Taiwanese-origin artists to receive the Excellence Award in Europe. Many of his works were under NTNU’s collection, Principle Guo remarked. NTNU would continue the renovation of the gallery, turning it into a more artistic and professional art gallery.