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Singapore’s Deputy Director Guo Visited NTNU

In order to understand and assess the policy and realization of civic and moral education, Kok Lee-Kwuang, Deputy Director of Aesthetics, Health and Moral Education Branch, Curriculum Planning and Development Department, Ministry of Education, Singapore, visited NTNU to call on Professor Li Qi-Ming at the Department of Civic Education and Leadership. Professor Li was an important researcher on Taiwan’s civil and moral education. To provide Taiwan’s experience as Singapore’s reference, Professor Li examined Taiwan’s civic education from viewpoints of educational environment, curriculum, policy, teachers’ development and trend. Deputy Director Kok and her colleagues had no doubt had heard a lot of useful information.

Art Exhibition for Taiwan Wildlife—Realization of Childhood Dream

Eco Art Scope runs from April 2nd to the 28th in the Mayor’s Residence Arts Saloon. On its opening tea party on the 3rd, 20 students had their dreams of painting realized and witnessed by many honorable guests. This exhibition is cooperated between NTNU’s Eco Art Course and the Department of Life Science. This exhibition shows the success of Eco Art Course, one of many other courses aiming to cultivate cross-disciplinary talents. “Digital archive is the future trend in the arts,” Vice President Chang Guo-En also remarked. “NTNU is leading in holding copyright among universities in Taiwan.”

Disclosure of Historical Materials on 46 Incident

To commemorate the NTNU-NTU 46 Incident 60 years ago, the fist white terror event on campus, NTNU retired professor Wen Zen-Hua, jointly invited by the Department of History and the Graduate Institute of Taiwan History, brought the precious investigation materials to public on the incident on April 4th. With materials including letters from families of the victims to NTNU professors, a list of expelled students, etc., Wen wished current students could look back on the humane spirits these alumnus were fighting for. There will be two more speeches on 46 Incident during the week.

Success in Teaching Excellence Project

After the amendment of Teacher Education Law in 1994, teacher education is no longer exclusive to normal universities. In order to stand out, NTNU started a Teaching Excellence Project in 1998 to train more professional teachers. A presentation was held on April 1st to show the achievements of the project. Chang Zi-Chao, the 1st keynote speaker, talked about Regional Centres of Expertise promoted by the United Nations, saying that though it was hard for Taiwan to establish a RCE, we were vigorously involved in achieving education for sustainable development. There will be another presentations on the 8th with more keynote speeches.