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Former Exchange Students Share Their Experiences

Three students who have attended sister schools on National Taiwan University’s (NTNU) foreign exchange program, organized by the Office of International Affairs (OIA), shared their experiences with more than 40 of their fellow NTNU students who are interested in the same opportunities at the International Lounge today.

Jerry Hsia of GIPA Begins to Speak for NTNU

Graduate Institute of Performing Arts (GIPA) Associate Professor Jerry Hsia (夏學理) vowed to make a change while he took oath of his new position as the head of the Office of University Relations (OUR) today.

Learning What Customers Really Want and Continuing to Innovate Will Lead to Success, Kiddie's Paradise Inc. President Says

Wendy Wu (吳文鶯), prominent child educational equipment manufacturer, encouraged National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) students to achieve their future success by combining customers’ needs and their own characteristics or styles during her speech at Cheng 101 today.

Mandarin Learners Practice the Language and Learn More about Chinese Clothing at the Same Time

Nine foreign students got together, practiced their Mandarin and discussed clothing with six Taiwanese volunteer students during a Chinese chat room activity on the main campus today, while snacks and oolong tea were served at the scene.