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To Eat To Play To Have Fun All on Sunlight Boulevard Exotic Carnival

The international culture week held by the office of international affairs began officially on March 15th.

NTNU and Conservatorio Di Musica Niccolo Piccinni Established Cooperation Exchange Program

The Principal Dr. Marco Renzi and the piano professor Francesco Monopoli represented Conservatorio Di Musica Niccolo Piccinni and signed the cooperation memorandum with the music department, agreed on exchanging students.

【Character Interview】Best Three Point Shooter and the MVP Winner in UBA Game Lo Yu-chun

Lo Yu-chun, the captain of NTNU men’s basketball team, leaded his teammate and won back the second UBA championship.

3/15~3/19 The International Culture Week

The annually international culture week was coming. From March 15th to 19th, everyday at 12 p.m., there would be booths on Sunlight Boulevard.

NTNU Weekly Assembly Talked about the Environment Ethic and Sustainable Development

The freshman weekly assembly was held on March 10th at the gym. Except honored the 98 semester outstanding students and the students who performed well in service lessons, the school also invited the professor Chang Tzu-chao form Graduate Institute of Environmental Education to give speech of the environment ethic and sustainable development.