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Aboriginal Language Certification Exams Results Published

2nd aboriginal language certification exams results published!

International Youth Volunteer lecture

Chang Wei-ren, the vice-president of World Vision, was invited to share his volunteer experience.

Fashion show on Arts Festival 2009

NTNU Arts Festival 2009 debuted on March 26th evening. 30 students of College of Fine Arts wore costumes with Chinese ink painting on the Runway. The vice-president Jo Chiung-Hua Chen wore on cheongsam which pattern was based on her painting, and won warm applause from the audience. The show was very innovative.

Sale of Specialities of KaoHsiung and PingTung at Gongguan campus

You don’t have need to spend time and money on the trip to south Taiwan for those famous specialities, you can buy sweet guava and delicious cookies at Kungkuan campus next week.