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Photography Exhibition at the French Training Center

Mister Jean Scuderi, a language teacher at the French Training Center, had spent a year in Marseilles, a city in the south of France. He was a fine art major, and photography has been his favourite form of art for more then a dozen years.

Li Jia-Tong Urged Graduates to Make Positive Contribution to the Society

Li Jia-Tong, a presidential advisor as well as a noted scholar and writer, participated at the graduation ceremony of NTNU. In his speech entitled The Last Class in University, he stressed that the most important thing for a person is to make positive contribution to the society, and whether that person is wealthy and powerful or not is not the point. However, wealth and power is not necessarily evil. He urged the 3620 NTNU graduates to work hard and increase their competitiveness for they can help the less fortunate only when they have the financial resource.

Badminton Tournament for University Faculties from 72 Universities

On June 23rd, the National Badminton Tournament for University Faculty was held in NTNU. 1344 contestants formed 161 teams from 72 universities get acquainted with one another through badminton. Administrative staff and teachers are extraordinarily fierce with their rackets. The cheering coming from the audience heated up the atmosphere, almost breaking through the ceiling. Badminton has become a popular sport, remarked NTNU President Guo Yih-Shun, as well as the president of Badminton Committee, Chinese Taipei University Sports Federation. He wished that faculties from all universities could have more interaction and exchanges among one another through this popular sport.

2009 Graduation Ceremony: NTNU Mascot in Cap and Gown

It was June 20th that NTNU had its 2009 graduation ceremony. In respond to this joyful event, NTNU mascots, 3 green turtles stating NTNU’s determination to be environmentally friendly, also put on academic gowns and wore mortar boards to say farewell to the graduates. The costumes of these mascots got many of the graduates extremely excited: they all wanted to hold hands or take pictures with the mascots. More than 3 hundred graduates asked to take photos with them, remarked Li Zhong-Han, a student from the Department of History who played one of the mascots.

2009 Graduation Ceremony: Speech By President Guo Yih-Shun

2009 graduation ceremony was held in the gymnasium on June 20th when 3620 graduates were sent off. The theme of this year’s graduation ceremony was Star 2009, signifying all graduates being the stars of tomorrow, and wishing that all NTNU students a great performance whether they decided to continue studying or start working. President Guo Yih-Shun encouraged students to be brave in facing the pressure brought by the economic downfall, and to actively apply what they’d learnt in school while maintaining a life-long learning attitude. The gymnasium was decorated with balloons and bouquets, creating a cheerful and warm atmosphere.