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NTU Visited and Paved the Road for Cooperation

On May 15th, Xie Yuan-Fu, dean of the College of Humanities, Shi Meng-Long, director of the Office of Research and Development, and Wen Hong-Yui, chairman of the Department of English, National Taitung University (NTU) paid a visit to NTNU to pave the road for future cooperation. Principle Guo Yih-Shun was there to welcome them in person and to elaborate on his vision for the potential cooperation. The guests from NTU also had a tour to the Office of International Affairs, the College of Music, and the Centre of Cultural and Creative Industries, NTNU.

Graduation Exhibition of the Department of Graphic Arts Communication 2009

Entitled An Encounter with Da Vinci Looking Into a Mirror, the graduate exhibition of the Department of Graphic Arts Communication 2009 would run from May 13th to 18th in Huashan Art District, where this joint exhibition by 4 schools would be held. The opening ceremony was in the evening of the 13th, when professors from all 4 participating schools came to cut the ribbon and opened the exhibition. There will also be 2 lectures on the 16th featuring the vice creative director of McCann Advertising, and Cubbish, an emerging Taiwanese brand.

A Critical Introduction of Six Talks on Loneliness by Liao Yu-Hui

“Loneliness is the beginning of a completed life. Without the experience of solitude, one knows not how to get long with others.” Center of General Education invited noted writer Liao Yu-Hui to give NTNU students a critical introduction on the Six Talks on Loneliness written by Jiang Xun, and to share her own realizations on loneliness. The author, Jiang Xun, is the owner of Unitas Publishing Company, as well as a noted Taiwanese esthetician and writer. This book is a collection of 6 talks themed in loneliness by Jiang Xun in 2002, as invited by Unitas.

Individual Exhibition of Ma Yu-Jun: Track

Ma Yu-Jun, a third year graduate student of the Graduate Institute of Performing Art, NTNU, is a cross-disciplinary artist in music, fine art and digital media. She held an individual exhibition entitled Track in the library of Kungkuan Campus to show her works from college till now. She was majored in music composition in college and in stage design for opera in graduate school. The highlight of this exhibition was the models of stage design, every little piece of which was carefully hand-made by Ma. She felt that the oil painting collection best represented who she was.

Zhou Mei-Qing Sent Love with Donated Computers to Countrysides

On May 12th, First Lady Zhou Mei-Qing went to the mountain areas of Yilan to give the children laptop computers, which were donated by NTNU and Compal Electronics aiming to decrease the digital gap between urban and rural areas. 100 laptops were sent to 35 elementary schools located in remote districts, and a donation press conference was called in Siji Elementary School, Yilan County. Besides handing out three nicely packed laptops to students, Zhou also demonstrated how to use online learning via a platform established by Council of Cultural Affairs.