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Fuxin Cultural Creativity Biennial

“Design adds value to industries, and creativity glorifies traditions,” says the 2-month long Fuxin Cultural Creativity Biennial, which opened on October 17th at Fuxin barn house in Changhua County.

Teachers Serving In Remote Areas Share Teaching Experiences

At the end of September, NTNU President Guo Yih-Shun awarded medals to alumni teachers who have been serving in remote areas for over 2 decades, including Lai Song-Pong, President of Nan Zhang Junior High School in Miaoli, Lin Ying-Shen, President of Zhuo Huan Elementary School in Kinmen, and Chen Jian-Zhi, Chinese teacher at Jia Xian Junior High School in Kaohsiung.

NTNU Students Takes Overseas Internship in Thailand

Made possible by NTNU President Guo Yih-Shun, and Department of Chinese Literature Alumnus also the President of Kingpo Group Xu Sheng-Xung, NTNU reached an industry-university agreement with Kingpo Group, and sent 8 students to its subsidiary company in Thailand for a summer internship.

Aboriginal Products Packaged for New Business Opportunities

Cultural and Creative Industry has brought a new life into the traditional culture of the aboriginals. 40 students from the Graduate Institute of Design, NTNU made a trip to Qehuy and Ksunu tribes situated along the Northern Cross-Island Railway.

Flying Over Edinburgh – A Pilgrimage to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

In order to further the development in the cultural and creative industry, NTNU ceases every opportunity to connect to the world. Arranged by He Kang-Guo, assistant professor of the Graduate Institute of Performing Arts, and supported by the Ministry of Education, 6 students from the department went to Edinburgh, UK to have a month’s internship at the world famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival this summer.