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2009 Joint Annual Meeting of National Educational and Academic Groups

The 2009 Joint Annual Meeting of National Educational and Academic Groups was held in the College of Education, NTNU on November 21st.

2009 Sports Day Heats Up the Cold Winter

This year’s Sports Day was held on November 20th at the Kungkuan Campus. Every unit and department tried their best to show what made them different from the others while marching in the field with cheer squads and costumes.

Humanity Festival Opens at the Park in NTNU Market

The yearly NTNU Humanity Festival opened on November 20th. Came the evening, varies kinds of music started to sound in the park in NTNU Market.

Great Collaborative Pianist Margo Garrett Shared His Experience with NTNU Students

The Graduate Institute of Performing Arts, NTNU held an academic symposium on the cooperation of theatre and piano, and invited internationally-renown a collaborative pianist, as well as a professor at the Julliard School of Music Margo Garett to talk about the career development of collaborative pianists in the 21st century on November 15th.

The Year of Tiger Merchandise Makes NTNU Vigorous and Proud

A new series of NTNU merchandise has arrived. In order to celebrate the 63rd NTNU Sports Day, NTNU Library and the Centre of Culture and Creative Industry worked together again, and took the coming year of tiger as their inspiration and design merchandise such as T-shirts and desk calendars.