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2009 Graduation Ceremony: Speech By President Guo Yih-Shun

2009 graduation ceremony was held in the gymnasium on June 20th when 3620 graduates were sent off. The theme of this year’s graduation ceremony was Star 2009, signifying all graduates being the stars of tomorrow, and wishing that all NTNU students a great performance whether they decided to continue studying or start working. President Guo Yih-Shun encouraged students to be brave in facing the pressure brought by the economic downfall, and to actively apply what they’d learnt in school while maintaining a life-long learning attitude. The gymnasium was decorated with balloons and bouquets, creating a cheerful and warm atmosphere.

University of Wisconsin-Madsin and NTNU to Be Sister Schools

On June 17th, Adam Gamoran, Dean of the Education College, Universty of Wisconsin-Madsin (UW-Madsin), led 3 other professors to pay a visit to NTNU, and signed an memo of international cooperation with Zhuang Kun-Liang, Dean of the Office of International Affair, NTNU. UW-Madsin becomes the 145th sister school of NTNU. The 2 schools will have further discussions on exchange student programs and academic exchange schemes. After visiting NTNU, UW–Madsin professors also went to National Taiwan University and National Chengchi University with the company of Vice President Chen Chiung-Hua and Dean He Rong-Gui of the Education College.

NTNU’s 63rd Anniversary of Establishment Celebrated with A Giant Cake

In order to celebrate the 63rd birthday of NTNU, Wang Jin-Ping, President of the Legislative Yuan as well as the President of NTNU Alumni Association, gave his alma mater a giant cream cake with 3 layers and a diameter of 15 meters. On top of the cake was a bronze statue of Chiang Kai-Shek cleverly made of chocolate to mimic the texture and the colour. This colourfully decorated turned the 63rd anniversary of the establishment of NTNU a flourishing and cheerful carnival.

2009 Outstanding Alumnus – Zhang Yuan-Qiao (former Manager of the Thermal Control System in Space Shuttle, NASA)

Doctor Zhang Yuan-Qiao, a NTNU graduate in the Department of Physics in 1964, had been the manager of the thermal control system in space shuttle, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) from 1981 to May 2009. In the duration, Dr. Zhang had participated 121 times out of 126 launching, and had taken the leading role in the thermal control system in space shuttle for 81 times. Current Mission Management Chairman John Shannon recognized Dr. Zhang’s contribution to NASA and commented that his ability was “immeasurable”.

2009 Outstanding Alumnus – Hu Shu-De (Honorary Consultant of the National Anti-Corruption Commission, Thailand)

Hu Shu-De (originally Hu Jing-Shan) is the 4th generation of Chinese in Thailand graduating from the Department of Social Education in 1964. His great-grand father set off to develop his career in Thailand from China, and both his grand father and father had gone back to China to study. Originally planning to study in China, he came to Taiwan in the end because of China’s unstable political situation. After serving as a police officer for several years in Taiwan, he went back to Thailand and continued serving his country. He established a NTNU Thai Alumni Association.