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Research Center for Conservation of Cultural Relics Holds Exhibition of Mr. Chen Cheng-Po at the Tokyo University of Arts

From September 12 to October 2, 2014 the present university’s Research Center for Conservation of Cultural Relics (RCCCR) will hold an art conservation exhibition at the Tokyo University of the Arts’ (Ueno campus) Masaki Memorial Gallery. This exhibition will present the research and accomplishments of the conservation treatment of thirty-six works by the famous Taiwanese artist, Chen Cheng-Po, a collaborative effort between the RCCCR and the Tokyo University of the Arts, Graduate Department of Conservation, Conservation Course Oil Painting Laboratory.
Chen Cheng-Po was born in Chiayi, Taiwan, and upon graduation from the Taiwan Governor-General’s National Language School went abroad to Japan to study at the Tokyo Fine Arts School (present-day Tokyo University of the Arts). Prior to his Japanese studies Chen was mentored by watercolorist Ishikawa Kinichiro, and while enrolled at Tokyo Fine Arts School he studied under Okada Saburosuke and Tanabe Itaru. In 1926 Chen was the first-ever Taiwanese artist to be selected to exhibit in the 7th Imperial Fine Arts Academy exhibition (Teiten). After graduating he then travelled to Shanghai, becoming a more active artist and developing his own style. After returning to Taiwan, Chen turned his artistic passion and rooted his style in depicting the local environment, wherein rising to become a leader of Taiwanese culture.
As for Chen Cheng-Po's artwork, a strong will, robust and intentional yet swift brushstroke, and the juxtaposition of pure, muted colors into vibrant, high contrast works bear witness to the appeal of his incomparable style.
This joint university conservation project has revived these paintings to their original beauty and charm, and we look forward to having all enjoy and participate.