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Distinguished Alumnus of NTNU Su Chun Hwa Encourages Students to Face Challenges

Distinguished Alumnus of NTNU, Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commissioner and Chairman of the New York Taiwan Center Su Chun Hwai was invited to give a speech at the Department of Mathmetics on October 5. He encourages students to learn and understand knowledge in different disciplines to create unique value.

Conductor Alumnus Wilbur Lin Talks at NTNU

Wilbur Lin, an alumnus of NTNU, was selected as the assistant conductor among hundreds of applicants at Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra in 2019. At the end of 2020, Lin was invited by National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra to conduct the year end concert of Youth Orchestra. On December 25th, Lin came back to NTNU to share his journey with students of Music Department.

Chair Prof. and Alumna Shu-mei Shih Appointed as Edward W. Said Professor

Chair professor and outstanding alumnus of NTNU, Prof. Shih Shu Mei was appointed the inaugural Edward W. Said Professor of Comparative Literature at UCLA in mid-July. Prof. Shih is tremendously important in the development of Taiwan studies in UCLA. A graduate from the English Department, she initiated the collaboration and mutual exchange opportunities between UCLA and NTNU. What’s more, the annual event of Taiwan studies was also held in UCLA. Prof. Shih said that Taiwan studies has been decentralized for many years, it’s her honor to be given the title and hopes to fight for more attention academically.

Lee Teng-hui, Taiwan's Father of Democracy, Passed Away

The eighth and ninth president of the Republic of China and the alumni of the Taihoku High School, Former President Lee Teng Hui, died at Taipei Veterans General Hospital on July 30, 2020, age 98. The news shocked people all over the world. Leaders such as US Secretary of State Pompeo, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, and current President Tsai Ing-wen all expressed their condolences. The history of former President Lee leading Taiwan to the road to democracy is quite an emotional one.

Chair Professor C.-T. James Huang Granted Member of Academia Europaea

Well-known linguist C.-T. James Huang is an alumnus and chair professor at NTNU. He was granted as a member of Academia Europaea. This is a glorious moment for Prof. Huang for his contribution to modern languages and his great influence in the academic world.