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From Soba to Solar Panels: Symposium Highlights Global Innovations in Leisure and Hospitality

Annual International Symposium on Sports, Leisure, and Hospitality Management with theme of "Innovation at the Intersection: Reshaping the Future of Sport, Leisure, and Hospitality," featured international keynote speakers from Japan, the United States, Singapore, Thailand, and New Zealand, with papers presented by 80 researchers and 400 participants.

Climate Change and Colonial Legacy: NTNU Hosts the 28th IGCT

NTNU Department of Geography hosted the 28th International Geographical Conference of Taiwan (IGCT) 2024 on May 4th and 5th, focusing on the theme: "The research achievements of climate change science and responses of society in Taiwan: Risks, impacts, and resilience."

UCLA-NTNU Symposium Examines Taiwan's Role in the Cold War

Aimed to foster research synergies and promote cutting-edge studies in Taiwan's history and culture, the "Rethinking Cold War Culture and History in Taiwan" conference of the UCLA-NTNU Taiwan Studies Initiative, was held at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) from April 19 to 20.

Empowering Students with Disabilities: Academic Exchange to Texas and California

Faculty and students from the NTNU Special Education Center recently embarked on an academic visit to universities in Texas and California, as part of the "Flying Against the Wind: Academic Delegation to the United States" initiative which aims to expand global perspectives, enhance independence, and promote self-advocacy among students with disabilities.

Empowering EMI Teaching: Strategies and Stories from Global Educators

The NTNU Resource Center for English Medium Instruction (RCEMI) and the Yushan Scholars Program jointly organized a seminar titled "English Teaching: Demand Analysis and Value Added" on March 25.