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National Taiwan Normal University's Center for Academic Literacy in English Inaugurates the New Academic Year with Professional Training for Tutors

The Center for Academic Literacy (CAL) at National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) hosted a professional training event designed for tutors on September 12, marking the official commencement of the new academic year.

Enhancing English Communication Skills: Cross-College Administrative Staff Workshops

On 5 July, the College of Management and the College of Technology and Engineering held their second cross-college administrative staff English workshop, igniting a lively response and attracting the enthusiastic participation of nearly 30 administrative colleagues. The workshop aimed to provide participants with a valuable learning opportunity, enabling them to confidently tackle the challenges of English communication, continually enhance their professional abilities, and foster more fluent interactions with faculty and students from diverse cultural backgrounds, thereby bolstering their international competitiveness.

Weekly Coffee Corner: Professor Ahn Yongkil shares the Fascinating World of Financial Technology and AI.

EMI FCC's Coffee Corner was once again filled with anticipation and excitement! This time, we had the privilege of inviting Professor Ahn Yongkil, a financial technology expert from Korea who previously served as an assistant professor at the College of Management, NTNU. On Thursday, May 18th, he delivered a remarkable lecture on financial technology, unveiling the exceptional applications of ChatGPT and sharing its captivating story!

Discovering New Horizons: Japanese actor Fukuchi Yusuke’s inspiration speech with EMIFCC

Supported by the Office of Bilingual Education (OBE) at National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU), the weekly bilingual event "Coffee Corner" (referred to as EMI FCC) jointly initiated by the College of Management and the College of Technology & Engineering provides a platform for language exchange and cultural sharing among individuals from different cultural and professional backgrounds. Since its inception, the event has attracted 400 participants and facilitated cross-college exchanges among students from the College of Education, liberal arts, science, technology & Engineering, management, and Mandarin training center.

“The Legend of Mont Saint-Michel” Lecture Promotes Taiwanese-French Cultural Exchange and Encourages Students to Visit France

Dr. Jean-René Morice, Director of Esthua Tourism, Culture and Hospitality at the University of Angers, was invited by the Graduate Institute of European Cultures and Tourism at National Taiwan Normal University to introduce the history and legends of Mont Saint-Michel on 18 April. His lecture was attended by nearly 300 people. Through the lecture, Professor Morice invited the audience to visit France and see the beauty of the island for themselves.