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NTNU-VNU-HUS Bilateral Symposium Strengthens Collaboration in Science Education

Delegation of 16 faculty members from NTNU's College of Science visits the Hanoi University of Science under the Vietnam National University system (VNU-HUS) for collaborative symposium.

UT-Austin VP Jaffe Visits NTNU: Explores Future Collaboration in Astronomy

UT-Austin Vice President for Research visits NTNU to discuss academic collaboration across disciplines and institutions.

Exploring the Hubble Tension Problem with Phantom Dark Energy

Recently, the observed equation of state for dark energy appears to favor values below −1. The tendency implies that the nature of dark energy may be quite different from that of the cosmological constant. In view of this, the introduction of the phantom energy seems inevitable. By employing observational constraints from supernovae and from the acoustic scale in which the accuracy of the data has become extraordinary, the research team applied a phenomenological scenario to be acquainted with the evolution of our universe. The demonstration of the constrained unfolding of the phantom energy shows that the model has high consistency with the current observation, suggesting that if it is phantom dark energy that is causing the accelerating expansion of the universe instead of the cosmological constant, then the Hubble constant may be different from the recent observations, and the “Hubble tension” problem may not be as severe as expected.

Learning from an Early Childhood Chinese Immersion Program in the Heart of Texas

With support from the Ministry of Education, NTNU launched an overseas education internship program titled “Immersive Bilingual Education - American Kindergarten Education Internship” in Austin, Texas, this January.

From Spaghetti Towers to Lego Houses: Cross-Cultural Insights from a STEM/STEAM Workshop

Participants present results on final day of STEM/STEAM collaborative design workshop jointly organized by NTNU's College of Technology and Engineering and Department of Design at Kyushu University (KU) in Japan from March 5 to 8.