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NTNU Ranked 9th in Best Global Universities for Education and Educational Research

In a recent evaluation released by the U.S. News & World Report of the best global universities, National Taiwan Normal University is ranked 9th in Best Global Universities for Education and Educational Research. Its place alongside Harvard and Stanford among the top ten in the world also raises the international profile of Taiwan’s research ability.

A Cross-Country Comparison of the Moral Thinking and Communication Competencies of Young Generations

The young generation is often labeled as the "strawberry" or "mommy" generation, as if they have low stress tolerance and are unable to be financially independent. However, these digital natives, nourished by the Internet world and emerging technologies, are sometimes highly concerned about social issues as an expression of their diversity and creativity.

Look at Me!The application of facial recognition technology in science education

With the rapid development of facial recognition technology, the relationship between chang-es in our facial expressions and science learning is gradually being revealed and proven. Utilizing a facial expression analysis software (FaceReader) from the Netherlands, Distinguished Professor Mei-Hung Chiu of the Graduate Institute of Science Education at National Taiwan Normal Uni-versity and her collaborators have attempted to analyze the facial expressions high school and uni-versity students show as they undergo conceptual change during science learning. The exploration will allow teachers to provide timely adjustments to their instructional approach to better suit stu-dents’ needs.

The Magic of Transforming Carbon Dioxide to Ethanol: An Analysis of Copper-Based Electrochemical Catalysts

Copper electrocatalysts have been shown in the past literature to selectively reduce carbon dioxide to hydrocarbons. However, due to the lack of systematic studies on time-scale resolved spectral features, the selectivity resulted from the surface atomic characteristics of the copper catalyst– could be copper metal or copper oxide, along the reaction path remains uncertain. This study introduces an X-ray absorption spectrum with a few seconds resolution scale to observe the chemical state evolution of catalysts in reactions. Under specific experimental conditions, it was observed that the average oxidation state consisted of the mixed oxidation states on the surface of copper material could be stably maintained on the electrode surface, thus steadily increasing the effective yield of ethanol. Combined with the first-principles simulations, the catalytic reaction pathway of CO2 conversion can be derived step-by-step and verified by experimental observations.

Asia Pacific Scholars' Reflective Dialogues on the Future of Education Innovation and Teacher Education in the New Normal amidst Global Education

The Asia Pacific Association for Teacher Education (APATE) and the Taiwan Education Alliance convened a conference on "Educational Innovation and Teacher Education in the New Normal" on November 18-19, 2022.With the keynote speakers and panelists invited from approximately ten countries," attendees exchanged ideas and explored pandemic-related issues concerning the development of teacher education systems, teaching, and research in and across different cultural contexts. The lively debate and discussions either in the in-person (physical) or online sessions of the two-day forum feature the concerns of educational researchers and practitioners from various countries concerning the new normal of education.