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Practicing Competency-Based and Differentiated Instruction: NTNU’s Preservice Teachers Visited Sweden for Overseas School Practicum

As the day was dawning in Uppsala, Sweden, a cohort of preservice teachers including Henry Liu(劉晉豪)、Erica Chen(陳易欣)、Susan Lee(李書嫺)、Gunter Chien(簡浩君)、Sally Jao(饒雅筑)、Andy Yeh(葉星宏) from National Taiwan Normal University braved the zero-degree weather to take a commuter bus to Almunge skola, a public comprehensive school situated at about 30 kilometers from the city center, for an in-depth education visit and practicum.

International Cultural Festival Sets Sail for Diverse Cultures

After being postponed by the pandemic for two years, the three universities of the NTU System, National Taiwan Normal University, National Taiwan University, and National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, recommenced the jointly-organized International Cultural Festival on 28 March 2023. The two-day event comprised of up to booths showcasing up to 14 different cultures, including those of Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Macau, etc. The booths not only sold dishes from distinctive cuisines but also artisan crafts; several of them displayed traditional clothes and cultural elements and offered hands-on activities for participants to explore individual cultures.

2023 OIA Chinese New Year Party for International Students

Lunar New Year is the most important time for a family reunion to the Chinese people. In order to let overseas students further understand the cultural customs of Chinese New Year and experience the local culture, the Office of International Affairs of NTNU in collaboration with the International Youth Service Team, held a Chinese New Year Party for International Students on December 7th. A series of Spring Festival activities were designed to create an atmosphere as dinner at new year's eve with the form of large table dishes. Although these overseas students are away from home, they can feel the lively atmosphere and enjoy a good time with each other’s company.

Students of Dept. of TAHRD at NTNU held a workshop on integrating English into STEM education

The Department of Technology Application and Human Resource Development (TAHRD 科技應用與人力資源發展系) at National Taiwan Normal University was invited by the Center for Research on Bilingual Education(CRBE, 國北教大雙語教學研究中心) of National Taipei University of Education to hold teaching workshop on integration of English and STEM education.

“Career Exploration in English”:Promoting Academic-Industry Communication and Broadening Students’ Horizons

To build a bilingual university, National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) established the Office of Bilingual Education (OBE) in 2021 and started to promote EMI(English Medium Instruction)courses this semester to enhance student’s English proficiency and international competitiveness. On 18 March, one of the EMI courses, “Career Exploration in English,” invited Patrick Hafenstein, the Commissioner of Trade and Investment Queensland Office (TIQ) in Taiwan to share business trade and investment relationships between Taiwan and Australia.
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