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Photo Exhibition by Chair Professor at the NTNU Department of Fine Arts: a Taste of the Beauty of Canada


Chair professor at the Department of Fine Arts Anna M. Kindler recently held a photo exhibition entitled “Canadianna” at the The-Chun Art Gallery. After living in Canada for a long time, Anna hopes to share the country’s beauty. By using simple photographic equipment, she transmits what she views as the essence of art as observed with the mind and the eyes.


It is easy for viewers of the exhibition to see that the subjects of the photos revolve around two main themes: maple leaves and snow/ ice. Most people associate Canada with these two kinds of imagery. Thus, Anna chose them as the main themes of her exhibition. Many maple leaves are hung on the walls, pointing in various directions. Each of the photos gives viewers a different feeling.

Born in Poland and a graduate of the University of Illinois, Anna uses lighting to interpret objects in the real world. She attempts to awaken viewers’ awareness of the small experiences in life and enhance everyone’s appreciation and enjoyment of art. As an art educator, she endeavors to cultivate students’ perceptiveness and imagination.

Professor Jo C.H. Chen from the NTNU Department of Fine Arts stated: “This is Anna’s first time to hold an exhibition in Taiwan. She has left us with three thoughts about art education. The first is the necessity for exchange between theory and practice. Secondly, now that we all have phones, we can create art anytime, anywhere. The third has to do with how to use modern technology and simple equipment to teach art.”

Anna M. Kindler has held exhibitions in Europe, North America, Macao and Hong Kong. She is now a chair professor at NTNU, where she is exhibiting her long-stored collection of photographs. Visitors to the gallery are undoubtedly in for a feast of art, light and beauty.