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NTNU held ''Chinese Rock Musical'' in Edinburgh Festival Fringe

A Chinese Rock Musical“Mountains and Seas"played by students of NTNU Graduate Institute of Performing Arts performed in Edinburgh Festival Fringe for nine days.The number of proformers reduced from 50 people to 15 people. 

“Mountains and Seas"is adapted by Gao Xingjian, the Nobel Prize winner in Literature, in his work. the musical deputed in National Theater, and made a tour of Taoyuan, Taichung and Chiayi. It will performance abroad from 23, August for nine days. 

Liang,Zhi Min, the director of the musical and the Associate Professor of NTNU Graduate Institute of Performing Arts said that every performer plays four to five characters in average because of the limited budgets. In Taiwan, there's large equipment such as rotating stage; however, only a table and two chairs are permitted in Edinburgh Festival Fringe. It challenges students' adapt abilities.