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Chinese Teaching Forum Brings New Ideas into Chinese Teaching

In the trend of leaning Chinese, we are moving toward the direction of computer assisted language learning. The International Forum on Chinese Teaching in International Schools was held on September 19th. Many International School teachers joined the forum and have produced some inspiring discussions. 

The topic of this forum is “Transforming Teaching and Learning in International Schools through Advanced Technology”. Professionals and teachers from China and USA shared opinions, teaching methods as well as the experience of using technology in teaching. Professionals from NTNU showcased the eMPOWER platform and AES-Han, the former is for mandarin learning and the latter is for automatic article grading.

Vice President of The College Board of America Wang Xiang-Bo was the keynote speaker. Dr. Wang has been promoting the research of Advanced Placement for a long time. The speech may inspire more innovative way of teaching.

The Vice President of NTNU, Sung Yao-Ting, said that Chinese could be the most used lingua franca by 2050. International schools are in an important position of Chinese teaching. We hope to work harder and grow together with teachers devoting themselves into Chinese teaching. Sung emphasized that NTNU is now known for Chinese teaching and now has started researching the technology of Chinese teaching. We hope to apply the results and benefits to teachers and students. With continued effort, NTNU will open a new page of Chinese teaching.