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International Conference on Educational Evaluation Gathered Scholars

The International Conference on Educational Evaluation: Accountability, Policy Learning and Capacity Building was held on Oct. 2nd and 3rd by the center for educational research and evaluation, NTNU.

Dr. Robert Boruch, Chair professor of the University of Pennsylvania and Co-director of the Center for Research and Evaluation in Social Policy and Dr Michael J. Timms
From the Australian Council for Educational Research were invited as keynote speakers.

Dr. Robert Boruch stated that the governance of policy and plans can be taken into consideration when making policies. The key is that whether there’s reliable governance on hand, and whether the policy makers and administrators are willing or able to utilize the governance result.

Dr. Michael Timms raised an interesting question “You can’t fatten a pig by measuring it, or can you?” People mostly think that evaluation and governance are of no use helping the students learn. Dr. Timms said that the key point is what to evaluate? And how? What is also important is how to analyze the results and adapt education.

There are more than 280 participants from America, Australia, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan that joined this conference, 41 papers related to educational evaluation were published, which is beneficial to educators and scholars.