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Meeting of RSIM Helps the Conservation of Music Manuscripts

The Répertoire International des Sources Musicales (RISM) workshop was held under the 2015 Taipei Conference of Collative Project on Chinese Music Resources by the Digital Centre of Music of NTNU on Oct 15th and 16th. Professionals from Germany, America, Canada, Korea, China and Hong Kong gathered together to discuss the founding of RISM in Chinese speaking area.

The first speaker was Dr. Alan Thrasher, an honorary professor from UBC and has been staying in NTNU since this August as Chair professor. Porfessor Hyun Kyung chae from Ewha Womans University who is also the chairperson for RISM Korean came after him and talked about what Ewha Womans University did on collecting manuscripts and related studies.

In the afternoon, current chair of RISM, Klaus Keil introduced the history and system of RISM, National Music Institute, National Center for Traditional Arts, Shanghai Conservatory of Music, Central Conservatory of Music, Hong Kong Central Library and Digital Centre of Music of NTNU are the working entities of RISM of Chinese speaking area and they will run the project together.

On the afternoon of 16th, a meeting of Taiwanese music conservation and outlook was held in the same hall. More than 20 professionals on this topic came to join the discussion. We hope that through these kind of events, more and more people can support the conservation of music and the collection of manuscripts.