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Panoramic Videos of NTNU Were Launched

Now, you can have a nice look at the campus in 360 degrees online. NTNU has launched 360 degrees videos with Google in order to promote the view and historical buildings on the campus. Please go to the website http://www.viewtaiwan.com/ntnu
On the main campus, you can see the panoramic videos of the Hall, Wen Huei Hall, classrooms and meeting rooms. Wen Huei Hall, boosting over 90 years of history, is located right after the administration building, and is listed as a historical site in Taipei. NTNU has put effort in maintaining its integrity and now it has become a multi-function open area that students and teachers can rest, read and perform. In addition to main campus, there are 6 sites of the NTNU Extension School of Continuing Education’s panoramic video (Lin Co campus included) are available online with its renting information.
Now the panoramic video of NTNU has officially launched. You can type “NTNU” into google map and see what NTNU looks like from the inside, or go to www.viewtaiwan.com/ntnu and discover the campus of NTNU.

iClick Incompany was in charge of the Google street view, providing NTNU high quality of panoramic videos as well as a great opportunity to be seen internationally.