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National Taiwan University System Benefits for Being Close

The "National Taiwan University System", combined by National Taiwan Normal University, National Taiwan University and National Taiwan University of Science, will become the 7th Higher Education system in Taiwan. Compared to other university system, three schools agreed that the geographical relationship is the key that why this University system is more likely to succeed.
With the impact of reduced birthrates, it’s getting harder to recruit students. In 50 public universities in Taiwan, only 18 of them have more than 10000 students and only 5 universities has 15,000 students. The size of schools are shrinking and that’s why the Ministry of Education encouraged public schools to merge.  
The three schools established NTU Triangle last year, and now the National Taiwan University System is around the corner. University affairs meetings were held and the documents will be sent to the Ministry of Education soon.
President Chang Kuo En stated that the three schools are close to each other geographically. In order to integrate the resources in these schools and achieve better research and teaching development, also based on the NTU Triangle which was established more than a year ago, “National Taiwan University System” is thus established. In the future, the schools will recruit students together, share the courses together and to become more competitive on the international stage.
The President of National Taiwan University of Science, Liao Ching-Jong, said that the NTU triangle was formed one year ago, but there are many cooperation opportunities. The most important reason is that the distance between the schools is short. If the university system can achieve the goal of benefiting the students and teachers, merging is not necessary.
If the National Taiwan University System is officially established, it would be more convenient for the schools to promote cooperation internationally. Months ago, the president of the German University System, TU9 came to NTU. After knowing the National Taiwan University System, the president was highly interested, asking President Liao to inform them when the National Taiwan University System established, looking forward of the cooperation between 9 Institute of Technology and three universities in Taiwan.  
The Vice President of NTU, Chang Ching-Ray, said that it’s due to the close position that we have worked together closely. Except for the Accounting Department that runs separately, other departments have been working with each other. For the result shown for the past year, the benefit of NTU triangle has surpassed other University Systems.