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Student Ambassadors in Malaysia promote DPPOCS


The Division of Preparatory Programs for Overseas Chinese Students has started a new program to recruit students. Current students serve like ambassadors that promote DPPOCS to students of their former schools when they go back home in summer or winter vacation. We hope that through the experience sharing from current students, more and more people will feel motivated to come to Taiwan to study.
The plan was launched in August 2015. The first students were graduates from Chinese independent high school. They went to Chong Hwa Independent High School, Pei Chun High School, Confucian Private Secondary School, Seremban chung hua high school, Jit Sin Independence High School and Chung Hwa Middle School to held experience sharing sessions. 374 students attended the sessions in total.
This year in 2016, the DPPOCS has decided to take this to a larger scale. The target schools are not only Chinese independent high school, but also National Secondary Schools and National-type Secondary Schools. After intensive training of these ambassadors, they go back to their home country to introduce DPPOCS to their former schools.
If we have positive feedbacks from this plan, we will send students to Hong Kong, Macau, Indonesia and Myanmar to promote DPPOCS and NTNU.