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Alumni Gathered for 70th Anniversary of NTNU

National Taiwan Normal University welcomes its 70th anniversary on 3rd of June. Faculties and alumni all gathered in the hall for the 16th excellent alumni award ceremony. 
The celebration ceremony was held at 9 am at the hall. Distinguished guests such as the Chair professor, Nobel laureate Gao Xingjian, former President of the Examination Yuan Hsu Shui Teh, former Minister of Education Wu Ching-chi, former President of NTNU, Lu Hsi Mu, former President Gou Yi Shun and Excellent Alumnus Wu Wan Fu, Wang Shu Shun, Bruce Linhu, Lin Shu Fu, Aja Huang’s mother, the President of University of Otago, Harlene Hayne all came to this meaningful event. Alumni Association of Southern California, Hong Kong and Malaysia were glad to join as well. 
President Chang addressed that this year marks the 70th anniversary of NTNU. The internationalization and influence of NTNU on the society is all the effort of our alumni. “We are proud to say that every student in Taiwan has been taught by the alumni of NTNU.” What’s more, the school will keep cultivate the ability to think. “There’s a saying that life begins at 70. In the future, NTNU will shoulder more responsibility and become the power source of changing in Taiwan.”
Nobel laureate Gao Xingjian said that after traveling around the world, he thinks that Taiwan is nice in the culture, arts, literature and society. The reason for the prosperous culture is education. He talked lots of stories about Taiwan in details and concluded that Taiwan has become his new home town. 
President Chang gave out the 16th excellent alumni award, the excellent teacher award, the excellent research award, the outstanding teacher award, honorable homeroom teacher award and excellent student award. Those who receive the excellent alumni award this year is Wu Wan Fu, Wang Shu Shun, Bruce Linhu, Lin Shu Fu, Aja Huang, who all have an outstanding achievement in the academic field or scientific field. 
Honorable Prof. Wu Wan Fu of National Taipei University of Education graduated from the Department of Physic Education in 1954. He also received the most prestigious award, the Lifetime Achievement Award of Promoting Physic from the Ministry of Education. Honorable Professor of the Department of Fine Arts, Wang Shu Shun graduated from the same department in 1959. He is the first scholar that introduced the psychology of art and is a prolific writer. In his talk, he said that among so many awards he has received during his life, he was proud of this excellent alumni award from his home university. 
Bruce Linghu, the important figure of the diplomatic relations of Taiwan, graduate from English Department in 1975. He was the former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs specialized in Asia pacific relations and East Sea and South Sea. 
The alumnus Lin Sho Fu is a math teacher at Taipei Municipal Xingya Junior High School. He devotes himself into the most direct teaching field as well as education in remote areas. Lin said that “This excellent award of mine can inspire all teachers in the teaching scene.”
Ajax Huang, the man behind AlphaGo, graduated from the Department of Computer Science & Information Engineering with a doctorial degree in 2011. Now he is a senior researcher in Google DeepMind and the top designer of AlphaGo. In March, AlphaGo defeated Lee Sedol, a professional South Korean Go player, bringing Huang under the spot light. Ajax is too busy to come to the ceremony and his mother took over the award for him. Huang encouraged everyone to fulfill their dreams and do not be afraid of failure.