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NTNU reaches 58th in QS University Rankings: Asia 2016

QS University Rankings recently announced the new rankings for Asian universities for 2016. Last year, NTNU was ranked 64th. This year, NTNU moved up six places to number 58. Since the first year of QS Asian University Rankings, NTNU has been making some progress year by year.
QS first started the ranking of Asian Universities in 2009. This year, the ratio of some indicators have changed. The Employer reputation was raised from 15% to 20%, the Faculty student ratio was changed to 10% from 15%, the Academic reputation remains at 30% and the Internationalization also stays at 10%. An additional indicator was added, which is the ratio of academic staff with a PhD.
A closer look at the various indicators reveals that NTNU's score for academic reputation was lowered because this year, only those in recent 5 years were taken into account. However, we are still number 4 in Taiwan for this indicator for consecutive 4 years. The faculty student ratio score has also increased dramatically, from 71.4 to 78.9, becoming the sixth in Taiwan. Recently, the becoming TOP university project has bring us some world-class professors like violinist Jimmy Lin and Nobel laureate Gao Xingjian. NTNU achieve a marvelous score of 98.4 for Internationalization, even better than last year’s 95, topping the list among Taiwanese universities.This shows that there are more and more international students coming to NTNU to learn mandarin as well as to pursue degrees.
In respond to this, President Kuo-en Chang stated that the ranking is only a part of the mission of the school. In the future, NTNU will continue to strive to achieve even higher levels of educational and academic excellence and establish the finest campus environment for learning and research. For the benefit of society, NTNU will continue to cultivate leading talent and improve the construction of campus
He also said that although the school is famous for our departments of music, arts, sports and oversea student education, there are no indicators about these field. NTNU will work hard on preserving our strength and put more effort on other fields.
What’s more, NTNU also did very well on the ranking of Times Higher Education,which was announced on June 20th.This year. Last year, we were ranked 73 and this year, we made it to 68 and become number 7, 2 places higher than that of last year. Among all indicators, NTNU is the highest in terms of International outlook, which includes the ratio of international to domestic staff ad ratio of international to domestic students and the proportion of its research papers published with a co-author from at least one other country.
According to the editor of Times Higher Education World University Rankings, Phil Baty, they see a fierce competition among universities in Asia. He recommended that Taiwanese university should put the focus of school running under a more internationalized circumstance.