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Kate Hsu Becomes the Youngest Speaker of Commencement Speech at NTNU

Kate Hsu, the 29-year-old Alumni, and the Taiwanese Catalyst for Design For Change. Hsu gave up her job as a teacher in Affiliated Senior High School of National Taiwan Normal University, and went to the riverside school filmed in the movie “3 idiots” and contacted the principal, Kiran Bir Sethi. She started the Design For Change in Taiwan and teach children to stop complaining and start to change.
Being the youngest speaker at graduation ceremony, Hsu shared her story with the students. The topic is “You are more powerful than you can imagine”. Kate has wanted to become a teacher since she was little. After getting the job as a substitute of a teacher, she thought she could teach forever. However, she discovered that students cared so much about the grades on their test papers and forgot that the most important thing is to enjoy the process of learning and progressing.
She kept thinking about the answer to education. One day, she learned about the riverside school of 3 idiots and wrote to the principal, Kiran Bir Sethi. Kiran replied that she hopes Kate can be the Catalyst for DFC in Taiwan.
It went smoothly for her to promote DFC. However, when she wanted to quit her job, others started to question her. She believes that with her good English skill, public speaking ability and what’s more important, the heart that wants to make our world a better place, she decided to go on the journey. She has solved problems like stinky toilets, bullies, and dog poop on the road. She even helped foreign workers to buy train tickets. 
Although the society acknowledged her hard work, she was still surrounded with disappointment. Three year ago, there were problems in the team like insufficient money and varied ideas, she wanted to give up. Kiran told her that she can rest when tired. Don’t complain and don’t wait for others to clean after the mess she has made. In the end, she decided to work harder and do things that benefit the world.  
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