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NTNU Alumni goes to Global Entrepreneurship Summit

Viola Cheng from the In-service Master Program of the Department of Adult and Continuing Education was invited to the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit as the first Taiwanese representative. The 7th Global Entrepreneurship Summit was held by the United States from June 22nd to 24th in Silicon Valley. Among 5000 entrepreneurs, only 100 will be selected by the United States Department of State. There are three people from Taiwan that has the honor and Cheng is the only student. 
Cheng started from the dining industry two years ago, initially, she wanted to help her sister in law who just divorced. Later, she started a chain restaurant with her husband. What’s so special about the restaurant is that 70% of the employees are divorced women or economically disadvantaged people. There are also suspended food in the restaurant and bailout funds for employees. 
Viola Cheng, now 28, says that the restaurant use toxic free, environmental friendly materials. The kitchen is wheel chair friendly, and suspended food is provided to those in need. Cheng wishes to open a restaurant that doesn’t put profiting as the priority but aims to solve the problem in the society. Moreover, 30% of the net profit is used as a fund that dedicate to the disadvantages. 
This time, they went to The Tech Museum, Google Company and Hiller Aviation Museum and attended the courses about start-ups in Stanford University. Cheng says that summit is a platform where investors meets start-ups. She met many young entrepreneurs, the youngest one is only 11 years old! Everyone started something because we all want a better world. 
The Chair of the Department, professor Chang Te Yung praised Cheng that she is very hard working and lives up to the spirit of live-long learning of the Department of Adult and Continuing Education. In September, Viola will give a speech in NTNU to share with us her story of starting a company.