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Chiu-yu Tseng from English Dept. Becomes Fellow of ISCA

Dr. Chiu-yu Tseng, currantly Chair of Institute of Linguistics in Academia Sinica, is elected Fellow of International Speech Communication Association (abbreviated. ISCA). With her contributions to prosody understanding through corpus-based analysis and modeling, Dr. Tseng is the first female scholar and the second Taiwanese receiving this distinguished fellowship. The new fellows are invited to the annual event in San Francisco from September 8th to 12th.
The International Speech Communication Association was established in France in 1988. The association started as ESCA (European Speech Communication Association) and, since its foundation, has been steadily expanding and consolidating its activities; it has offered an increasing range of services and benefits to its members and it has put its financial and administrative functions on a firm professional footing. Indeed, over the ten years of its existence, ESCA has evolved from a small EEC-supported European organisation to a fully-independent and self-supporting international association.The main goal of the Association is 'to promote Speech Communication Science and Technology, both in the industrial and Academic areas', covering all the aspects of Speech Communication. By 2015, there are only 51 fellows elected from ISCA.
Since 2007, ISCA nominates those who has outstanding achievement for oral communication or technical development, giving them the title of Fellow. Dr. Tseng has been working on experimental phonetics for more than twenty years.
Over the past decade, her research focus on oral rhythm, mainly includes: Voice Theory of Science, interdisciplinary research starting from phonetics, speech development corpus studies (http://www.aclclp.org.tw/use_mat_c. php # cospro) and the international academic community service.
The website of ISCA: http://www.isca-speech.org/iscaweb/index.php/honors/fellows