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Shih-Yu Chorus Brings Gold from World Choir Games

Shih-Yu Chorus, made up with NTNU students and alumni, went to Sochi, Russia, from July 6 to join the Olympiad in Choir, the biennial World Choir Games. The team joined “open competition” and bagged two golds in the contemporary and folk music categories. The group came back to Taiwan on July 19th. Its conductor, Chen Sheng-chang, said that in total there are 283 teams from 76 countries. They joined the parade at Sochi before the game. Two years ago, Shih-Yu Chorus attended the World Choir Games at Busan, South Korea. 
This year, three choir groups from Taiwan attended the game, they are Muller Chamber Choir, won three golds in the male chamber choir, sacred music a cappella and contemporary music categories, the New Taipei City Junior Chorus won a silver in the children’s choir category. 
“The power of choir is very inspirational, it touches people from all folks of lives.”
Said the Conductor, Tseng Hui Chun, who established the Shih-Yu Chorus in 2005 with a group of NTNU alumni and students that love to sing. There’s a summer charity tour every year. Tseng said that the coast of going abroad and attend the competition is around 2,500,000 NTD. Two companies sponsored 50,000 and 100,000, the ministry of foreign affairs sponsored 100,000 and the rest come for the members themselves.
When the group wore costumes that represent Min Nan, Hakka, and the indigenous, they drew the attention of the audience. They sang representative songs from different groups and won a round of applause. They also wore those cloths on stage when receiving the award. The choir members said “We sing for joy, sing for Taiwan” and wouldn’t give up on any chances to show the world our country. 
In 2014, they went to Busan, South Korea for the Busan Choral Festival & Competition. In December 2014, they attended the National Choir Competition for Social Groups and grabbed a silver gold at the men’s group. In 2015, the men’s group won a golden medal while the woman’s group received a bronze medal.