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Indonesian National Holiday at MTC

August 17th is the national holiday of Indonesia, celebration events were held everywhere in the world. Penny Santosa, an Indonesian student learning Chinese in Taiwan, prepared a variety of games, traditional toys, shadow play from her homeland and some lucky draw with her friends. 
On national day, Indonesian will wear their traditional clothing, wake up early in the morning to join the celebration. There’s one leader in each lane, people in the neighborhood will decorate the houses with red and white flags. What’s special is that they would sing songs from different cultures. Joyful melody filled the lane. Penny share with us some traditional Indonesian games at Mandarin Training Center.
There’s a game that players tie a rope around the waist with pencil at the end of the rope. The player has to move his body to put the pencil into a glass bottle. There’s another exciting ball passing game, where players hold the spoon by their mouth with a glass ball in the spoon and ran to pass the ball to the table. If the ball drops when you run, you have to do it again.
Except for the games, there are instruments from Indonesia for you to play. Angklung is made of two to four bamboo tubes attached to a bamboo frame. 
Come to the 7th floor, there’s a table for you to sign your names to get free mi goring, Indonesian noodle. Indonesian postcards are in display of their beautiful landscape, high mountains and dessert. There’s also a photo booth for you to take a memorial picture in traditional Indonesian clothes. This is a rewarding and meaningful even for people who come here. Penny says that the will start an Indonesian association in the future and she hopes that anyone who are interested in their culture can join their activities and learn more about Indonesia!