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Chinese Taipei Wins 2016 World Outdoor Tug-of-War Championships by 6 Golds

The Chinese Taipei Tug-of-War Team Wins 6 Gold Medals, breaking its own record and taking back all gold medals in the women’s categories. The team is composed of the tug of war team of National Taiwan Normal University and students from Taipei Jingmei Girls Highs School. On September 12th, they grabbed the sixth gold at the ladies 540 kg championship. These young ladies spend lots of time practicing under the sun and finally achieved a fruitful outcome.
This is also the first time the team got the gold at ladies 540 kg category. The Jingmei tug of war team made its debut in 2010 and got the fame of the youngest, lightest team in the world, taking the championship in the ladies 500kg category. The 2013 movie Step Back to Glory was a dedicated to this incredible team. 
One of the teammates said that the soil on the field is very soft, which makes it hard to work with full strength. By listening to the coach’s order and the rapport between teammates, they won the game at the end. Another girl said that they spent 5 hours practicing a day and her hands are rough and wounded. 
The outdoor tug of war championship was held once in two years. This year, Malmö, Sweden was the host city. In the preliminary contest of the ladies 500 kg team, the Taiwanese team encountered Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium, Wales, China, Netherlands, South Africa, England and Basque Country, and won them all by 2 to 0. At Semifinal, they met last year’s first runner up, the Swedish team and the Taiwanese team still won by 2 to 0. At final, they competed with the famous Basque Country team. The two sides met a deadlock for six and half minutes.