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Foreign Students Go to Welcome Party by OIA

The room 210, located at general building, is filled with floating fruit balloons, making the place tropical fruit kingdom. The welcome party was held on September 22nd by OIA, who wanted to introduce the special watermelon festival to the new comers along with interesting performances prepared by students. 
A big watermelon was placed onstage, which tells us the theme of the party, the NTNU watermelon festival. 170 foreign and oversea students joined this party to meet people from different countries. 
Senior students presented four performances like martial arts, Chinese songs, Samba, ball room dancing and NTNU Chorus. “Joining the Ball Room Club of NTNU is one of my best decisions made last year.” One of the performers, an Italian student said that it’s a good opportunity to make Taiwanese friends and discover your potential by joining the clubs. 
Soon later, there’s skit performance showing the meaning of the unique watermelon festival of NTNU. Students that doesn’t have much money will buy watermelon to their loved ones because watermelon sounds like “my beauty”, wǒ de měi rén in Chinese. There’s also some fun and interesting games of eating watermelon and answer the questions. The nice little party ended with a photo of 200 participants.