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EE Outside the Box: Creative a New Narrative for the Planet

The conference “EE Outside the Box: Creative a New Narrative for the Planet” hosted by the Northern Environmental Education Regional Center of the Environmental Protection Administration was held at Gongguan campus of NTNU on September 26th and 27th . Four experts from the States and Canada shared their experience in how to increase the awareness of environment of people by storytelling, social media, marketing and communication strategies, making environmental education more prevalent and interesting. 
President Chang stated that NTNU has initiated the Green University Union of Taiwan in 2012 and we put a lot of emphasis on environmental education. It’s an honor to host this international event  
Liu Zong Yong ,EPD Director at the Executive Yuan, said that the EPA has set up local centers in northern, central, southern, eastern Taiwan. They have used resources at all levels and held seminars in different topics to promote environmental education.
This time, the topic is new ways of communication and we all hope that we can learn from the speakers. 
NTNU is the core of promoting environmental education and is also Northern Environmental Education Regional Center. Professor Yeh Shin Cheng, the Director of Graduate Institute of Environmental Education said that because of cultural difference, the environmental education here in Taiwan is not the same as how they teach in America. When facing various needs from the society, educators should be aware of it and replace traditional advocacy by communication and marketing. 
In this seminar, we invited the former chairman of NAAEE Jose Marcos-Iga (Pepe), Ian Signer, the project speaker, Anne Ferguson, the project manager of EE Capacity and Aliza Weller, the board member of NAAEE and trainer of Apple.