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NTNU Students Visited MOFA

The faculty of the Center of Careers Service led students to visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on October fifth. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China (MOFA) is a cabinet level policy-making body, governed under the Executive Yuan of the Republic of China. Senior executive officer Chang, Officer Tsai and Section Chief Cho prepared presentation and guidance for NTNU students to know more about the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 
The video clip “Lighting up Taiwan” for the 2016 National Day was played during the introduction, which fully displayed the democratic appearance of a country and our achievement in sports, medical and biotechnology. In the second part of the visit, Section Chief Cho explained how to become a diplomat, the content of diplomatic work, the treatment of diplomats and the necessary qualities of outstanding diplomats. He also shared his experiences abroad, which included the joys of work and the challenges they face. Section Chief Cho mentioned that we are in a difficult diplomatic situation. If you decide to go the diplomatic path, difficulties and challenges will be ahead. Senior executive officer Chang was curious about students' motives for visiting the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. One graduate student said: "In recent years, NTNU has gradually transformed into a comprehensive university, we not only provide teacher training courses, and many alumni have worked in all kinds of different filed." He said that he is interested in international relations and would like take the challenge of being a diplomat.
After this visit to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, students know how this department runs and understand the career like diplomat training and work. The most important thing is to remind students that, in addition to teaching and working in enterprises, they can also broaden their horizons by taking related national examinations. 
The Careers Service Center will organize a series of "Going Global" Career Seminars this semester. Students are expected to have a better understanding of themselves and to set their future goals in the future through seminars, business briefings and corporate visits. For more information, please visit the fan page of Careers Center.