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Award Winning Conductor Chang Yu An at NTNU Sharing Music

Chang Yu An, the young conductor that won the 7th International Conducting Competition this September, came back to NTNU for a small concert with Music major students in Wen Huei Hall on October 17th. Except for sharing the music with public, Chang can share his experience with future musicians. 
In order to celebrate Chang’s winning, more than one hundred listeners showed up at the concert. The hall was crowded with people coming for music and everyone was immersed in the beautiful melody. Eight pieces were played this time. The first half was performed by the graduate students from conductor group and the vocal group of the Music Department. In the second half, Chang personally conducted the orchestra to play Tchaikovsky: "C major string serenade".
Chang, now 30, was born and raised in Peng Hu. It wasn’t until high school that his music teacher found his talent in music. He later entered the Department of Music and studied Traditional Chinese. Professor Apo Hsu discovered his potential in conducting and Chang went to Hochschule fuer Musik Hanns Eisler, Berlin to study orchestra conducting. 
For Chang, what he earned the most from the conducting competition is not the prize but the recognition for his music career. Now there are 2 orchestra waiting for him so sign the contract for next year’s music festival. He will continue his path of conducting. Chang said that he once feel frustrated and wanted to back off, but “I know I can’t give up music in my life, so that’s why I still go on.” 
After the concert, Chang thanked the support from his family, teachers and school. He really liked the performance of the orchestra today. “A conductor is silent onstage. When the orchestra performs for the conductor, they both make good music.” He also hopes that students can attend more concerts held by the music department. Audience is another important part of a concert.