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9th Love Myanmar Club Sharing their Love in Myanmar

The ninth Love Myanmar Club volunteer members shared their experience on Oct 20th with the topic of “Volunteering with a thankful heart”. The Club took this opportunity to thank all the volunteers all these years and gave them certificates.
“We just stick to the right thing for 9 years.” said Professor of Departments of Civics and Education, Yen Miao Kuei, the leader of Love Myanmar Club in NTNU. She took the position since 2008, bringing volunteers to Myanmar to provide teacher education in Overseas Chinses School. She devoted herself into Mandarin Teaching in Myanmar, held camps for people for different age. Except for teacher’s training camps, they also helped local people build Mandarin learning schools. So far, they have helped raised 200,000 books and influenced almost over one thousand teachers and administrators. 
“What we’ve lost in Taiwan, we’ve found it in Myanmar.” Retired principal Qu De Yuan and his wife also went to Myanmar to volunteer. They were impressed with the effort of Myanmar teachers. Principal Qu was also happy that college students are willing to walk out of their comfort zones and help those in need. 
“To give, is to learn for us.” Professor Yen recognized the growth of the students during the preparation. 7 students shared with everyone what they’ve learned for the 6 months of preparation. 
Chen Kuang Yao, a sophomore student and also the next camp coordinator said that they serve because they know what they need. Chen believes that education has no boundaries and hope that in the future, more and more students can join this wonderful camp that helps those in need.