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Master Class from Guitar Master Hubert Käppel

Prof. Hubert Käppel, one of the most influential guitarists in the world, came to the music department concert in the evening of October 31 to hold a unique solo recital, attracting more than 100 people to listen to the master playing. The master class was held November 1st, welcoming guitar lovers to learn from master himself. The famous Taiwanese guitarist Alfredo Show-Lee Huang serves as the interpreter. 
Hubert Käppel teaches at the Cologne Academy of Music in Germany and Koblenz International Guitar Institute. He is not only a rare exception among the leading guitarists of today, but his interpretations, and virtuoso technique has set the standard for a whole guitar generation. On the occasion of his North American debut in Ottawa and Toronto the Ottawa Citizen wrote: “It would be difficult to imagine a guitar player more sensitive, more musically aware than Hubert Käppel.”
In 1996, Professor Kapell published a new guitar teaching materials "Guitar Introduction", followed by the publication of the sequel to three works and practice album. In 2011, his most important book, "The Handbook of Modern Guitar Technique", was published in German. This collection contains a list of all the skills necessary to become a full-time guitarist. In the spring of 2016, the English version of "The Bible of Classical Guitar Technique" was introduced, making Capelle a leading actor in the guitar world.
Chinn Horng Nanette CHEN, director of the Department of Music, said that this is Käppel’s second visit in 25 years. The Six Cords Guitar Chamber Orchestra, the Guitar Music Center of Spain and PRO MUSIC INTERNATIONAL CO sincerely invited the Master to come to Taiwan and he even held a concert, playing Broswell Drosaurus, Miwang sixth Palm dance, Vera – Roberts The first prelude, the first unaccompanied cello suite of Bach and other world famous pieces. 
In the master class teaching scene, Käppel was very nice, friendly to the students.  He kept telling them the techniques and not to be limited to the fingering, but focus on flexibility and creativity that comes naturally. He reminded the students to relax from time to time so that we can enjoy the music and play smoothly.