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Prof. Tomas A.Lipinski Talks about Copy Right on Campus

On November 3, Tomas A. Lipinski, Dean of the School of Information, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, came to National Taiwan Normal University and met with Vice President Wu Cheng Chi , accompanied by Wu Mei Mei, director of the Institute of Library and Information Studies. He was invited by the Institute of Education and the Institute of Library and Information Studies to give a lecture on the copyright of the physical and digital environment in campus.
During the meeting with Vice-Chancellor Wu, the two sides discussed about the topics of information circulation, preservation and copyright in their respective campuses. Vice-President Wu also presented Prof. Lipinski the mugs and environmental chopsticks of NTNU.
Prof. Lipinski explained with the teachers and students the legal provisions and policies adopted by the United States to protect copyright, such as the 1996 WIPO Copyright Treaty, 17 USC Article 107 (codification and 'overthrow'), 'Judicial interpretation'), or 17 USC section 106 (codification of treaty obligations), 47 USC section 230 ( 'overturning' the common law of justice).
Professor Lipinski emphasizes that conceptually, 'works' are protected by copyright; but copyright cannot protect any ideas. Without physical objects, ideas are not protected by the copyright law. As well as facts, names and titles, storylines and basic forms or public good are not protected by copyright law. In addition, the topics discussed in the speech are only hypothetical and he doesn’t mean that these issues will occur in real life and shouldn’t be regarded as legal advice. If you encounter legal problems, you need to consult lawyers.