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MTC Students Won the Speech Competition for Foreign Student

Students from MTC (NTNU) participated in the "2016 Chinese Speaking Contest for Foreign Students" and grabbed the first prize, second prize and honor award. 
The 2016 Chinese Speaking Contest for Foreign Students was held on November 4th at Sun Yat Sun Memorial Hall. Under the guidance of 4 senior teachers in MTC, namely Wang Pei Ching, Chang Dai Chi, Huang Gui Ying and Liu Yi, 5 participants out of 75 came to the fore, were given the championship, runner-up and three honor awards.
A Xiu from Malawi won the first prize with the title "You walk your own path", telling everyone his Chinese learning experience with passion. Feng Shi, from the United States, won the second prize. His topic was "smile is the beginning of a friendship" and shared the different meaning of smile in his life. 
The other three students receiving the honor award are Anna from the United States, Ko Wen Long and Sun Wei De. Anna shared sincerely the beauty of nature and humanities that she had experienced in Taiwan for two months, with the title "The Taiwan I know". Ko Wen Long gave a lively and interesting speech. He talked about the philosophy he has gained since learning Chinese under the topic of "Tomorrow is full of hope ". Sun Wei De showed a different style of speech, compared to others and talked about the belief he has. 
In this tense competition, each participant all pulled out their strength, hoping to get the favor of the judges. In the end, MTC students won the championship, runner-up and three honor awards. This is the proof of MTC’s high teaching quality.